chapter  6
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East Meets West: Working with a Chinese Boss

BySoon Kheng Khor

There is an old saying in China: your crisis can be an opportunity for someone else. The impact of globalisation has created a ‘flat world’ (Friedman 2007) impacting whole countries, companies, communities and individuals: governments and societies can, and must, adapt. Asia-Pacific is the world’s fastest-growing region: China and India in particular are making significant impact on the workforce and lifestyle of the rest of the world. The impressive economic growth in China over the last decade has created a phenomenon that multinational companies can no longer ignore. Most of them had made significant investment decisions in China via direct investment, joint ventures or the acquisition of Chinese companies. The 2008-2009 financial crisis might have brought significant negative impacts to many individuals, companies or countries, but some cash-rich Chinese companies have managed to seize golden opportunities in international markets via direct investment and mergers and acquisitions.