chapter  1
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Why is Stakeholder Relationship Management so Difficult?

ByLynda Bourne

In this chapter, the author looks at advising upwards through a completely different lens. She wants to change the whole point of view about what is going on during the advising upwards process and present what she considers to be the beginnings of a Darwinian explanation for what goes on. The author focuses on the process of selection and how it sculpts both the natural and social world we inhabit, most particularly the corporate world where we adopt the role of manager and senior management take part in the selection process. She attempts to strike a more positive note with the section on management whispering and points out how the traits and behaviours of managers and senior managers are intertwined and interdependent as they continue to evolve together in a symbiotic relationship. managers. To survive in corporate environment, a manager does not need to be the best; they just need to be better than the others in their niche area.