chapter  4
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Gender and the Teaching of Religious Studies in Nigeria: A Primary Overview

This chapter explores the perception and practice of women's rights and women's reproductive health rights in charismatic churches in Kenya. The methodology for the chapter combines both field and library research. Data were obtained from oral interviews with several adherents from charismatic churches in Nairobi, Kenya, namely: Mavuno church, Jubilee Christian centre (JCC), House of Grace Ministries, Triumph Ministries, Morning Star Ministries, and Victorious Faith Assembly. These are new-generation churches which are Pentecostal/charismatic in faith and practice. It concludes by arguing that Pentecostal/charismatic theology and practice has been inimical to women's well-being, especially due to its attitude to women's human rights that relate to their moral agency in matters of reproductive health, and which have consequences for their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. Charismatic Christianity is the fastest growing type of Christianity in Africa. This phenomenon has marked the beginning of a vigorous Christian awakening in Africa.