chapter  6
‘Amr Khaled on Individual Proactivity
BySusanne Olsson
Pages 20

Egyptian society has experienced increasing religiosity over a long period, visible in dress styles, publishing and entertainment (including music). People from all layers of society have been attracted to this revitalization of Islam. In the case of ‘Amr Khaled, it is noticeable that well-to-do people in particular are supportive of his work and many women have decided to don the veil. Since religious authority is more fluid in Islam than, for example, in Christianity with its hierarchical ecclesiastic structures, authority and new interpretations of religion are becoming increasingly contentious and subject to conflict. In the case of Egypt, the majority of the population still regards the principle of taqlid, represented by the clerics of al-Azhar, as the normative form of Islam, but it has been challenged by a multitude of other voices, including Islamists and lately lay people such as ‘Amr Khaled, who claim they are engaged in da‘wah or the propagation of faith.