chapter  7
Harmonious Being: A Space for an Alternative Way of Exploring Religion
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Of the many developments and changes Saudi Arabia has witnessed in the past ten years, two have not received enough attention till now. They are the increasing presence of alternative religious discourses and the expansion of alternative space to accommodate them, both of which are equally important, interrelated and with their own trajectories. The former is introducing new ways of thinking about self, others, and the world. The latter is providing more opportunity for interpersonal face to face discussions free of many traditional social and legal restrictions. This is leading to two important outcomes. On the one hand it is allowing some of the alternative ideas to exist publicly, be challenged and subsequently become more sophisticated. On the other it is giving Saudis the chance to explore who they are as individuals and as a community. These two changes are in the context of many other changes and events that have been covered by a relatively good share of scholarship.