chapter  14
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Repurposing With A Vengeance: A Dance of Restrained Acts Towards Justice

ByCatherine Hamel

Justice is a complex topic with numerous incisions into space. This paper explores the potential for justice through subtle disturbances. It is a potential to instigate change, not by altering existing systems, but the attitudes towards them. They are intrusions that impact the spaces we inhabit but do not dene themselves by it. Unlike the built forms that generally dene architecture, these intrusions allow themselves to be diluted in their endeavor to reposition justice in the public realm. The framing narrative stems from the meeting of a Rwandan journalist and the narrator. A eeting and slight occurrence, insubstantial in the public history of genocide and ensuing attempts of justice through acts such as the Gacaca Courts, it nevertheless allows the attitude to seep into a dierent stance. Personal contact and personal forgiveness invite considerations beyond the more overt retributive justice that the context can propel.