chapter  4
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Epigraphy and the Public Library

ByMalcolm McCullough

City is a place reflecting and projecting technological change, particularly in terms of transportation and communication. The history of the city has always been entwined with the history of media developments. Cities and their media infrastructure are built by layering one media era upon another. As archeologists unearth layers of history through the process of excavation, layers of technologies accumulate, reshaping and sometime obliterating the previous media generation. "A-location" are a consequence of media mobility and the encompassing experience of being "in the moment" in a "non physical place". The mobile phone and the development of Wi-Fi extend the parameters of location. Media technologies long ago rendered city walls permeable. Permeability alters community through extension and choice. Digital cities are defined by controlled access, sometimes by limited resources and at other times by firewalls. E-government and digital cities offer "one-stop" public access for local information. The cave is the augmented city, it is the digital city.