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Black Popular Music in Britain Since 1945: An Introduction

ByJon Stratton, Nabeel Zuberi

This chapter examines contrasting historical accounts of black music and its role in shaping the sounds of Bristol by focusing on two key examples of Bristolian nightclubs. The influence of black musical cultures has played a significant role in the development and success of the Bristol Sound but this does not tell the whole story of music and ethnicity within the city. The cultural mix of sounds and influences that underpin the idea of the Bristol Sound are not entirely representative of either the inter-ethnic cultural life of the city, nor of the entirety of its musical culture. The chapter also examines the processes of both syncretism and parallel music cultures in order to reflect on the difficulties encountered when trying to make sense of culture and identity in a multi-ethnic context. The arrival of The Bamboo Club was followed by a growing range of nightclub and live music venues with a focus on black music.