chapter  9
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Walls of Money: Securitization of Border Discourse and Militarization of Markets

This chapter explains brief history of the border wall issue; identification and classification of political actors in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora; elite responses to the border wall issue; and analysis of bi-national and political dimensions of this issue and its impact on the two communities. The President of the National Chamber of Commerce in Nogales, Sonora, Francisco Partida Gmez stated that "the reinforcement of the chain link fence with steel mats will benefit businesses in this city". The State of Sonora Human Rights Protection office, did not issue statements against the wall; the State's relationship with Arizona is good, with the governors meeting frequently. Teresa Leal, an independent activist in Nogales, Sonora called for an immediate economic boycott of all Nogales, Arizona business in response to the proposed wall. The Nogales, Arizona steel wall was imposed by federal mandate and caused community divisiveness, sectors of Ambos Nogales, supported or bemoaned the steel wall.