chapter  7
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British Propaganda and Information Operations against Indonesia, 1963–66

This chapter examines the middle period of the Labour government and the new Coalition governments policies on homeland counter-terrorism, known as CONTEST (the Counter Terrorism Strategy). Consecutive governments since the beginning of the Global War on Terror have consistently denied that the United Kingdom is at war with Islam. The new terrorism thesis, reviewed by Field, argues that terrorism is fundamentally different to traditional terrorism in terms of scale, scope and aims. Conversion focuses on believe what we say, then behave accordingly; here the campaign restructures worldviews and emotions. The prevent review in 2011 also reiterates that the primary focus is on al-Qaeda and affiliates. As Richards goes on to highlight, in the current version of CONTEST the notion of terrorism as somehow being the product of vulnerability or individual fallibility is further embedded through its emphasis on the role of Healthcare professionals who may meet and treat people who are vulnerable to radicalisation.