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ByGreg Kennedy, Christopher Tuck

This chapter deals predominantly with the Government of Indias relations with the autonomous tribal territories that lay between the North-West Frontier Province of India and the border with Afghanistan. Critics of Colonial era policy on the North-West Frontier tend to point towards an overwhelmingly repressive military-focused approach to exerting control. In particular, it examines the Frontier propaganda campaign of 193942 mounted by the then Governor of the NWFP, Sir George Cunningham. This was a period therefore when not only was the Government of India forced to concentrate its political and military resources away from the Frontier, but it was required to do so when the country, and particularly its North-West Frontier region, was infused with a real sense of instability. In Afghanistan Sir Kerr Fraser-Tytler, Minister in Kabul, reported he had started to make subtle contact with both Mullahs and prominent Afghan personalities and personages for the purpose of encouraging the spread of anti-Axis messages.