chapter  2
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Losing the Game: Propaganda and Influence in the British Raj, 1917–47

This chapter reviews the creation of the coloniser and colonised dichotomy, and how Africans were influenced by their subject status and their engagement with often omnipotent European forces, to which they needed to react in many different ways. It reviews how the relationships established enabled Europeans to influence Africans, the ways in which they sought to influence Africans and the manner in which European imperial powers thought they needed to approach Africans in order to exert that influence. The chapter examines three particular episodes, one relating to wartime propaganda and martial influence, the others relating to the promotion of influence in 1950's Central Africa through the promotion of inter-racial politics and the politicisation of domesticity. One particular way in which partnership was promoted and influence spread, was through inter-racial groups such as the IASR. During this period the IASR was not the only advocate of multi-racial partnership.