chapter  3
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Propaganda and Counter-Propaganda on the Frontier, 1937–43

ByChristian Tripodi

This chapter provides the aims and methods of British propaganda in Egypt after the Second World War. The history of British propaganda in Egypt demonstrates how the decline of British influence was a well-advanced phenomenon several years before Nasser's decision to nationalise the Suez Canal Company. A number of Whitehall departments were responsible for British propaganda in Egypt. The armed forces and the service ministries retained important responsibilities, not least in relation to the huge British military base in the Suez Canal Zone. In the field of cultural diplomacy and educational activities, the British Council played the dominant role whilst working in close liaison with the Foreign Office. British propaganda in Egypt tended to succeed precisely because it managed to disguise its British origins, merely emphasised the extent of Britains image problem. British propagandists were asked to support policies that neither rhetorical trickery nor technical magic could make popular in the eyes of mainstream Egyptian nationalists.