chapter  5
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Music and Movie Mutuality: Ry Cooder, the Involved Bystander

The musical performances in the recent set of cameos tended to be more abbreviated than those during the 1960s. Because the cameos were ratings ploys and highly promoted hooks that would likely attract new viewers who were not regular fans of the show, but specifically tuned in for the cameo, audiences had to wait for the star moment in the storytelling. Most of the cameos tended to occur in the second half of the thirty-minute sitcom format. The recent undercurrent of pop rock comic cameo obscuras may not be entirely a post-MTV anti-music video manifestation, nor necessarily a rock respite to reality. The situation comedy provided a B-Side refuge for baby boom rockers, a place in television where they could age gracefully, gleefully and occasionally, grungefully. By both television and music industry modes of operation, most of the cameos were more calculated than they were accidental or arbitrary.