chapter  7
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The Vital Visual Voice of the Videotape Editor: Seamlessly Sculpting Graceland: The African Concert

Death's reprieve sustained long enough for a unique farewell tour, Zevon's own adaptation of Die Another Day, in which he continued to compose and sing a black swan song while headlining his own funeral procession. The Wind was released on 26 August 2003, joining Life he will Kill Ya and My Ride's Here to complete Zevon's Deteriorata soundtrack trilogy of recordings. According to Calderon, as the end neared, Zevon did not read many of The Wind's rave reviews because they all talked about him dying. On 7 September 2003, more than thirty years after he blazoned, that he will Sleep When he is Dead, Zevon fulfilled his lifelong piano pounding pledge; the desperado died with his boots on. The cumulative anticipatory media treatment during the next year held its own with the shorter term concentration of coverage of Johnny Cash and popular comic actor John Ritter who died the week following Zevon's death.