chapter  1
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Get Your 45s On: Terry Melcher, Lost in the Surf and Sun of the 1960s Sound Waves

Mutuality has become Cooder's music manifesto and method, marking every stage of his musical progression, from studio session and solo to score and soundtrack to world music collaborations and concept trilogy. The discography chronicles Ry Cooder's film music contributions from 1968 to 2008. Finally, the insightful observations and comments from critics, musical and film collaborators, particularly director Walter Hill, and Cooder himself, provide a frame of reference for Cooder's music and movie mutuality. Christain Marquand Ry Cooder's first dabbling with film music features his trademark bottleneck guitar in this sexual satire about a woman who is attacked by every man she meets. An exquisite and powerful score of thick compositions and spare finger picking. Cooder's langorious chords and muted gourd pounding 'suggest a bastard mutant version of music from the American Southeast'. The haunting sound is an eerie reflection of the National Guard unit that is lost in the Louisiana bayous.