chapter  4
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Geffen Records v. Neil Young: The Battle of the Brands

Cop Rock might also be viewed as a musical muse and martyr that foreshadowed the further exploration and integration of music into dramatic and comic narratives. Music continued to be come widely integrated into other comic and dramatic presentations during the same period, though not on the scale of Cop Rock. By importing The Singing Detective and integrating its elements within the police/crime programming progression via Cop Rock, Bochco accomplished more than mere homage to Dennis Potter. Just as The Singing Detective gave Bochco permission to create Cop Rock, Bochco, in turn passed along similar lyrical license to other producers to explore the further variations of music and narratives, whether situation comedy, dramedy, police, law, hospital, horror or family dramas. Though Cop Rock will routinely be recognized among the Worst Shows of All Time, it nonetheless remains an unsung series. Cop Rock's consequence is as a hinge, a preface of permission and possibility for music and narrative in television.