chapter  1
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Introduction: Business School Libraries in 2013

ByTim Wales

This chapter covers closing thoughts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book concludes by examining the future for business school libraries as viewed by the people with the most at stake the heads of service themselves. The future of business school libraries also depend on the collective delivery of services through consortia and professional groups. Aligning library services, facilities, and collections with the institutional mission of the business school is essential to the future of business libraries. The book includes external trends gleaned from analysis of topics from recent ABLD, EBSLG and APBSLG conferences which able to update and include as further justification for set of visions: namely, Embedded library research team, Library hub, Heritage library, Virtual library. The usage trends show that there is strong demand for a dedicated e-library. Reflection is salutary to the spirit of action learning to consider the extent to which have been influenced or not by the contributions to edited them.