chapter  5
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Return on Investment (ROI) from a Business School Library: An Indian Perspective

Libraries and the library profession are currently experiencing one of the most difficult periods in modern history. In the financial-crisis-impacted USA, UK and European Union, libraries are facing multiple challenges, including budget constraints, restricted funds and reducing grants, not to mention the increasing cost of books and periodicals. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this pressure on libraries, whether academic or public, is continuing to increase (Aabo, 2009).The intensity of the challenges posed to libraries seems to have grown with the proliferation of search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook that deliver quick results irrespective of the location of the user. Libraries have been looking at this digital landscape with awe and devising plans to work with and against these developments. Interestingly, studies since the financial crisis reveal that community libraries have witnessed increased use in terms of walk-ins and have also functioned as job ‘search and seek’ facilitation centres. The increase in the use of community/ public libraries during the financial crisis contrasts with the general feeling that there is a trend towards a decrease of reading habits among students. It is also a pity that during these times when libraries were most required, government was reluctant to fund them (Eakin and Pomerantz, 2009).