chapter  5
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China’s Foray into Africa: The Benefits

To many of the detractors and critics of China’s foray into Africa, China is an energy-hungry, opportunistic “dragon,” out to colonise and grab Africa’s resources just like the West did many decades ago (Taylor, 2006; Lee, 2006). But are such criticisms justifiable? Is China really an “opportunistic hungry dragon” that African countries should be worried about? There are numerous observations on this issue. There are those who argue that the trepidation and anxiety about China’s foray and the extension of its footprints in Africa are exaggerated (Le Pere, 2008), while some hold views to the contrary. Even though there are legitimate and, in some instances, justifiable reasons given for such anxiety, such as the numerous contracts China has signed with African countries for their resources, that is just half of the story. These critics have not taken the time to look deep into the benefits that can and are accruing to Africa due to China’s foray into the continent.