chapter  6
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China’s Foray into Africa: The Criticisms

The view that China’s foray into Africa is only to grab its resources and that China is the “new colonialist” is contrary to the view, held by many in Africa, that Chinese companies are a force for peace and prosperity. It is without a doubt that China’s foray into Africa would have its detractors. Some of these criticisms are legitimate and others are a reaction to the arrival of a formidable competitor on the African economic/political scene by Africa’s traditional partners who have always regarded Africa as “la chasse gardée” (hunting ground) and taken it for granted. But this observation and criticism of China is also made by indigenous African entrepreneurs and businesses who, for far too long, had been complacent due to the lack of any formidable competition in their backyards. Most of these indigenous African businesses were comfortable until competition finally arrived in the form of Chinese business to jolt them from their slumber.