chapter  8
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How African Countries Can Position Themselves to Benefit from China’s Foray into Africa

The foray of China into Africa, despite its challenges, has been seen by many Africans as an opportunity to forge new strategic partnerships with the Chinese to help in the continent’s growth and development efforts. Some Africans particularly have observed that “the Chinese relationship is benefiting us…they are building infrastructure, they are building hospitals, and they are providing loans…they are bringing lots of development, which African countries probably wouldn’t get otherwise” (French, 2014). This is also because Africa’s traditional relations and partnerships with the West have not helped Africa overcome the structural obstacles of eradicating poverty and reversing its economic marginalisation (Manji and Marks, 2007). Even though there are those who may disagree with the observation of Manji and Marks (2007), that Africa’s traditional relation with the West has not helped Africa overcome its structural obstacles; few will disagree with the positive impact that China’s foray into Africa has made so far. Thus, some have observed that the emergence of China as an economic and political power and its subsequent foray into Africa should be seen as an opportunity for African countries to “Look East” for a change.