chapter  9
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China’s Foray into Africa: Impact on Interests of External Players?

China’s foray into Africa is not sitting well with Africa’s traditional trading partners and some of its former colonial masters, who have always believed, rather arrogantly, that Africa is their chasse gardée (hunting ground). Most of these Western countries and former colonial masters, some believe, are thus lashing out at China out of frustration or in an effort to stop its rapid expansion in its engagement with Africa. For example, in July 2005, US congressman Christopher Smith said, “China is playing an increasingly influential role on the continent of Africa, and there is concern that the Chinese intend to aid and abet African dictators, to gain a stranglehold on precious African natural resources, and undo much of the progress that has been made in democracy and governance in the last 15 years in African nations,” (Naidu and Davis, 2006).