chapter  9
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Using Formal Self- and Peer-assessment as a Proactive Tool in Building a Collaborative Learning Environment: Theory into Practice in a Popular Music Programme

The vocal teachers determine that they want to explore the potential of peer learning environments for the students. As voice teachers, devising a workshop course together and then implementing it has made students more aware about what and how they teach. Peer learning has proved invaluable in helping them find their way in their professional development and as lifelong learners. The fundamental reasons for taking peer learning as a starting point and for undertaking the project were articulated as wanting to strengthen students' ability to learn how to learn, develop personal responsibility for their own learning process, and develop a stronger sense of shared responsibility for the interactions between students and teachers. An evaluation was carried out at the end of the pilot year, seeking the perspectives of both students and teachers. Since all students work once a week with a pianist in an individual lesson, this was chance to involve these teachers in peer learning project.