chapter  10
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Learning from One Another’s Musicianship: Exploring the Potential for Collaborative Development of Aural Skills with Pianists

This chapter examines how shifting the focus from one-to-one to a collaborative approach affected teaching and learning in the context of a vapaa säestys group class at bachelor level. Peer teaching developed between the students, exchanging ideas in class, then practising together outside lessons; students began to articulate how their peers influenced their learning; later one of the students suggested having peer teaching sessions as part of the curriculum. The spontaneous performance of 'Suvivirsi' in the cafeteria could be seen as the students wanting to make the outcome of their collaborative learning process and the importance of the community in their learning public. Redesigning vapaa säestys group studies in music teacher education so that it facilitates collaborative learning was a rich and eventful journey for all participants, and it was a journey worth taking. The inquiry focused on developing collaborative learning in vapaa säestys group classes by designing a learning environment that supported working in and as learning communities.