chapter  12
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Intersubjectivity in Collaborative Learning in One-to-one Contexts

ByPaula Collens, Andrea Creech

The conceptual approach is Centre for Indigenous Instrumental Music and Dance Practices for Africa (CIIMDA), an institution that delivers training for teachers on the use of African indigenous musical arts resources for classroom education. The idea and principle of making musical arts with others converts a group into a spiritually and practically bonded community. Teacher approach to teaching music literacy is based critically on the traditional notions of guiding creativity and practice. Participation in ensemble performances is mandatory in the CIIMDA course activities. All students, independent of their prior musical experience, have worked together to produce their performances for assessment. When learning an ensemble piece, every member of the ensemble is encouraged to acquire basic skill in each of the musical instruments. The traditional communal approach to music education has effectively revitalized practices in the contemporary higher music education context.