chapter  15
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From Competitors to Colleagues: The Experience of Devising a Peer-learning Environment in a Vocal Department

The European music profession is rapidly changing and suggests more flexible career patterns and a need for transferable skills and lifelong learning strategies. Five schools, from Iceland, the United Kingdom (UK), the Netherlands and Finland, devised an innovative two-year master's programme to enable students to develop and lead creative projects in diverse artistic, community and cross-sectoral settings, thereby creating new audiences and developing their leadership and collaborative skills in artistic and social contexts. The aim is to create an intensive project that reflects the New Audiences and Innovative Practice (NAIP) programme and leads to work created collaboratively in the community. A fundamental study method of the NAIP programme, mentoring, was introduced in the Skalholt summer school. The music teacher in the school reflected on the project and the meaning it had for the children, and on feedback received from colleagues. By the end of the summer school the students were used to sharing moments of critical reflection and evaluation in smaller groups.