chapter  16
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Liberation through Collaboration: A Project of Piano Vapaa Säestys Group Studies in Finnish Music Teacher Education

A traditional approach to vocal teaching tends to treat each student in isolation with the one-to-one lesson at the core of most conservatoire vocal training. Voice students at a music conservatoire, should be learning to engage equally with words and music, and they are embarking on a professional path along which they have to form the intense of artistic and practical relationships. The co-teaching model can often be helpful here: a quiet, non-disruptive word from Dinah to that individual, perhaps, while one continue to work with the ensemble, or vice versa. But with Dinah, co-teaching introduced the sort of ensemble approach to learning that is the norm in the Guildhall School's training of actors. The co-learning had expanded to take in student singers and student actors, with actors reporting that they were inspired by the emotional depth that music can add to their work, and singers being allowed to participate in what had always been a project exclusively for actors.