chapter  17
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Pedagogy for Employability in a Foundation Degree (FdA) in Creative Musicianship: Introducing Peer Collaboration

This chapter examines that organizational development that is responsive and creative will only flourish in an environment underpinned by different forms of collaborative learning. It establishes a culture of collaborative learning in any organization is a painfully slow process as there are generally so many hurdles to overcome. The research into creative collaborative learning recently conducted across the Barbican and Guildhall School demonstrates clearly the power of the ethic of collaboration. Collaborative learning is central to transforming the master-apprentice transmission model of teaching and to re-examining ways of learning in music education so that they reflect more closely the fundamentally collaborative nature of the art form itself. The philosophy of collaborative practice and learning, embedded as it is in an ecological model of organizational development, has the potential to be the springboard for change and renewal. An understanding of shared artistic, social and educational goals has to underpin creative collaborative learning.