chapter  21
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Co-learning and Co-teaching to Promote Change: A Response to the Housewright Declaration in a North American Undergraduate Music Education Programme

The course Collaboration and Creativity in the New Music Community was created by Deborah Sheldon (2007) in response to agreements championed by music educators at Vision 2020: The Housewright Symposium on the Future of Music Education in 1999. The symposium, co-sponsored by the National Association for Music Education and Florida State University, sought to create a vision of music education that would guide educators for the next 20 years through a culmination of agreements entitled The Housewright Declaration. The changing landscape of music, technological advancements, and the diversity of people in society were all considered in the Housewright Declaration, and it was these factors that led to the development of Collaboration and Creativity in the New Music Community. This course serves as a model of innovative practice and constructive change in higher music education; one that embraces the teaching and learning of community music practices through creative and collaborative efforts.