chapter  1
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Mapping the Research Ground: Expertise, Collective Creativity and

ByShared Knowledge Practices

This chapter describes the short-term task-based learning communities have been designed in order to work systematically towards a longer-term goal of creating a knowledge-based and knowledge-creating research community that encompasses both junior and senior researchers, allows collaborative learning and extends over time. It combines Riel and Polin's distinction between different kinds of communities with Wenger et al's insights concerning community rhythm. The chapter explores central hypothesis and understanding according to which researcher education can be improved through learning partnerships and meaningful collaboration, and rests on the conceptualization of 'communities of practice' as originally proposed in Lave and Wenger's early works, and extended to fit the needs of learning and educational cultures. It focuses on the educational designs conducted within the frame of the Sibelius Academy in Finland's music education doctoral studies by using evaluation data collected during two different stages in a process of renewing this particular education.