chapter  2
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Learning from Artistic and Pedagogical Differences between Musicians’ and Actors’ Traditions through Collaborative Processes

This chapter focuses on the ways that learners' interaction and collaboration with teacher and peers in a specially designed socio-cultural learning singing environment can be enhanced to encourage self-directed learning. It examines a design-based research framework to develop an innovative research-led approach to teaching singing. The chapter explores the ways that self-direction in learning to sing can be facilitated and encouraged in a socio-cultural learning environment. It suggests that from a socio-cultural view of teaching and learning, it is important that teachers in higher music education reflect on their teaching processes to investigate how they can effectively make use of the rich resource emanating from the variety of ways students learn and make meaning in their classroom. The chapter explores the master-apprentice model by acknowledging the importance of a social environment to encourage students to build their own approach to learning collaboratively, with the aim of becoming self-directed learners.