chapter  9
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El Concierto de la Paz (1964): Three Commissions to Celebrate 25 Years of Francoism

In 1964 Franco’s regime launched a colossal propaganda campaign to celebrate its 25th anniversary, under the name ‘25 Años de Paz’ (25 Years of Peace). The campaign comprised a large number of cultural events, including the Concierto de la Paz (Concert of Peace), which featured works commissioned from young Spanish representatives of the contemporary musical scene, such as Miguel Alonso, Cristóbal Halffter and Luis de Pablo; these composers were closely linked to European avant-garde circles, such as those formed around the Darmstadt and Donaueschingen festivals. In the present chapter I shall examine the political and aesthetic dimensions of the three commissions, one of the most notorious examples of the regime’s meddling with the musical avant-garde.2