chapter  5
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Ceramics on show: Domesticity, destruction and manifestations of risk-taking


Ceramics is no stranger to risk taking. Risk comes as standard: in the transformative properties of the ring process the possibility of destruction and the act of creation exist simultaneously. In contemporary ‘post-studio’ ceramics and in the work of artists who use ceramics intermittently, risk-taking continues from the ring process into the museums and galleries. This chapter explores how two seemingly oppositional approaches to the exhibition of ceramics – exhibition in domestic space and destruction as an artistic or performative gesture – have a common willingness to engage with risk. These opposing display strategies are formally distinct, but both engage with physical, curatorial, and aesthetic risk-taking. This chapter suggests that the idea of risk, in dierent forms, is a point of convergence between two formally distinct strands of contemporary ceramics practice, and that appearances of domesticity can sometimes be deceiving.