chapter  1
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Law Enforcement’s Still Evolving Role in Art Crime: Some Introductory Remarks

ByDuncan Chappell, Saskia Hufnagel

This introduction presents an overview of key concepts that are discussed in the subsequent chapters of the book. The book contains five chapters devoted to case studies of three forms of art crime, antiquities theft, art theft and art fraud. The studies, which set the stage for what follows and cover different areas of the globe but make it clear that much of art crime has transnational roots and dimensions. The book comprises four chapters, aspects of criminal law and procedure relevant to art crime are considered including the types of scientific evidence available to assist in prosecuting art fraud. The role played by UNESCO in developing international laws to protect cultural heritage from criminal exploitation and the dilemmas confronting law enforcement when seeking to deal at the international level with the investigation of art crime are described. Finally, the book explores the specific problems associated with granting immunity for seizure of works of art across international boundaries.