chapter  13
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Perspectives on the Investigation, Prosecution and Prevention of Art Crime in Asia

ByGruber Stefan

This chapter explores existing forms of art crime in parts of Asia, where looting and trafficking of regional artefacts have developed extensively in contemporary times. The sophisticated methods of looters and middlemen, the highly efficient smuggling networks which support them, and the involvement and resources of international art dealers collectively make the detection, investigation and prosecution of art crime very difficult. Factors contributing to such circumstances, which include the rising margins on the international art market, the opening of borders, and increased trade throughout the region, are also considered. Globalization, the simplified circulation of goods, and the diversity of political and legal systems in Asia are other aspects which add to the challenges facing cross-border regulation of the art trade and the tracking of cultural artefacts. The chapter examines several mechanisms and issues which are relevant to the prevention of art crime in Asia.