chapter  9
27 Pages

The Psychology of Resilience: Defining, Categorizing and Measuring Resilience

ByLuke Treglown, Adrian Furnham

This chapter examines different definitions of resilience, different typologies and categories of resilience, and different measures of resilience. It outlines various attempts by researchers to categorize and classifies resilience into subcomponents and factors. Defining resilience is an important step for progressing with research in the area. Different researchers use a definition that is founded upon the factors they deem most important to building, establishing and maintaining resilience. As a result, research will elicit different factors of resilience as paramount, whilst potentially omitting key attributes of resilience. Resilience is a multidimensional characteristic that comprises of both psychological and dispositional factors: a sense of competence, the existence of an external support systems, and a personal structure. Developmental psychologists are the majority discipline in researching resilience, investigating it from the viewpoint of children and the adolescents who have experience adversity in their life.