chapter  11
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Investigating Teachers’ Well-Being and the Role of Resilience

ByMaria Armaou, Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou

Teaching is long known to be an occupation with high demands for teachers. Sources of teachers' stress are well-documented and are relatively the same across different educational systems and countries. However, they vary in nature and involve both external causes of stress and individual processes. R. Lewis examined the relationship between discipline and coping among teachers. He examined teachers' estimations of the stress that arises when they are unable to discipline students as they would ideally prefer, and the way in which teachers cope with any stress that arises. The role of resilience for teachers' well-being is a multi-faceted phenomenon that incorporates diverse factors and processes that take place both inside and outside the school. Quantitative and qualitative research findings equally support the notion that individuals' coping strategies play a significant role for teachers' resilience and their overall well-being at work. Personality characteristics were strongly related to positive and negative affect but had less strong effects on school well-being outcomes.