chapter  2
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The Credibility Trap in Our Contemporary World

In this chapter I will take up the concept of the “Credibility Trap” that indicates a consequence of devastated society-specific culture (Culture), in particular, a consequence of liquidation and degeneration of the mutual trust among social constituents as well as of the centripetal force of society (Hiwaki and Tong 2006a). I will also discuss the relevance of the Credibility Trap to modern colonialism and the consequential degradation or underdevelopment of many colonized societies. Further, the Credibility Trap will be attributed to the market fundamentalism (Market) that has devastated the diverse societyspecific cultures (Cultures) in our contemporary world. For simplicity here, the term “Culture” represents the holistic culture specific to a society, while the term “Market” indicates the acquisitiveness-oriented aggressive “alter ego” of modern civilization. (More detailed definitions of both “Culture” and “Market” will be presented in Chapter 8.) Finally, a few examples that represent the lack of mutual trust in the economic domain will be discussed as ones potentially leading to the Credibility Trap.