chapter  3
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Japan in the Credibility Trap

This chapter deals with the definitions of important concepts, including Sustainable Development, Culture of Peace, Global Humanity, holistic society-specific culture, market fundamentalism, Balanced Socioeconomic Development, Comprehensive Human Development and New Enlightenment, among other important concepts. The terms of holistic society-specific culture and of market fundamentalism constitute the two important vehicles in the discussion of Sustainable Development and its antitheses the world of the Credibility Trap, the World of Big Market and the World of Big Brother. Contrasting with the concept of holistic society-specific culture, the chapter has an almost diametrically opposite concept of market fundamentalism particular to one's age of hard-sell economic globalization with liberal democracy. The term Culture of Peace refers to a worldwide cultural foundation for the pursuit of peace in national and international communities. The UNESCO declaration was submitted in July, 1998, by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the 53rd session of the General Assembly.