chapter  4
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The Imminent Credibility Trap in China

This chapter explains the description of images of human-global interactions, general features and ideas relevant to one's broad, integral and open-ended theoretical framework for a Balanced Socioeconomic Development. Then, a Culture-enriching employment encourages a harmonious and synergistic interaction of the Culture with the fair market function for augmentation of both the Culture and market activities over time. International trade upholding such free competition across the world has fallen into a degenerate function of exploiting anything easily obtainable or surmountable and any humans lacking strong voice and/or power. Such a fair trade environment refers to a global attitude in favor of long-term socioeconomic balance in trading activities. A general rethinking as such may encourage the diverse enrichment of Cultures, while improving conditions for fair international transactions. Thus, the system as a whole may fulfill its functions as desired, so as to achieve and maintain Sustainable Development.