chapter  10
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The Basic Theoretical Framework

This chapter discusses a definition of Sound Culture and a theoretical foundation for the development of Sound Creativity in relation to the Culture-based Comprehensive Human Development that roughly consists of long-term personal and spiritual development, human-capacity improvement and thought-frame enhancement. It chapter argues for the importance of emphasizing Sound Creativity for Sustainable Development. Modern and contemporary societies of the industrially advanced world, perhaps, have been strongly influenced and conditioned by drastic and explosive Western reactions to the tight, repressive and oppressive medieval binds of Catholicism and absolute monarchy on human freedom in general. Sound Creativity defines on the basis of the Sound Culture that embraces the broad and intrinsic sound communal value system consisting of social harmony, human integrity, social solidarity, societal continuity and relational mutuality. The Sound Creativity definition suggests that the Market can largely be construed as the negative force against the development of the Sound Creativity.