chapter  11
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The Basic Ratio and the Optimal Development Path

This chapter defines the Sound Culture by means of a circular wisdom complex derived from the Seventeen Article Constitution, promulgated by Prince Shotoku of Japan some fourteen centuries ago. Most of people's contemporary societies and respective Cultures may have been largely diluted or corrupted by mutually reinforcing, lopsided, pervasive thoughts and ideologies, such as the modern antagonism, materialism, individualism, progressivism and egotism. The Sound Culture encourages the mutual reinforcement of human integrity, societal continuity, social solidarity and human mutuality. A model Sound Culture that encompasses an integral complex of human wisdom for peace, comfort and satisfaction is revealed by the in-depth inquiries of Kenichi Tanaka into the Seventeen Article Constitution promulgated by Prince Shotoku of Japan. The Constitution was promulgated when Prince Shotoku was regent to Empress Suiko, during the great transformation of Japan with the mutually conflicting philosophies and religions of indigenous and foreign origins as well as the vested interests of militant chieftains and political factions.