chapter  12
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Optimal Development Path and Actual Development

This chapter discusses the importance of comprehensive and integral human cultivation on the basis of Sound Culture, and with reference to the on-going economic globalization propelled by the market fundamentalism. It argues that Comprehensive Human Development requires restoration and enrichment of diverse Cultures across the world by the particular worldwide movement the New Enlightenment. The term Comprehensive Human Development indicates personal and spiritual development as well as human-capital formation and personal-societal thought-frame enhancement on the basis of sound Cultural enrichment. The Market, asserting the trinity of freedom, often pretends to have the theoretical rationality for efficient allocation of resources. The pervasiveness of the West-European civilization, having been variously influenced and shaped by diverse Western Cultures, may imply a particular aggressiveness that has fully mobilized the Market together with armament. The eventual purpose of the New Enlightenment is to encourage worldwide human motivation and capacity for collaborative long-term perpetual endeavors for Sustainable Development, Culture of Peace and Global Humanity.