chapter  13
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People’s Own Invisible Hands and Value Renewal

This chapter presents a broad scope of innovative education and examines in relation to Comprehensive Human Development. It identifies the important issues in relation to the concepts of the Culture, the Environment and the Market. The chapter introduces a schematized chart of synergistic influence, which shows a conjectural scope of the mutual relationship among education, thought-frame, behavior and other relevant factors. It discusses several innovative possibilities of education, which, when used together, may help solve the important global issues. The term digitized globalization refers to the combined forces of the market fundamentalism and the Market-driven revolution in communication for economic globalization. The theoretical framework for multilateral value enhancement, representing Comprehensive Human Development, may naturally effect direct and indirect influence on both Holistic Culture Enrichment and Balanced Socioeconomic Development. The Market with its antagonistic competition and ruling ideology of might-makes-right also has initiated and accelerated the deadly disparity-animosity spiral in people's contemporary world.