chapter  14
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Paradigm Shift and Balanced Development

This chapter considers the important role of education in a contemporary world characterized by inundation of information and fast-changing living environment. It examines the importance of innovative education and its role in thought-frame enhancement and the consequential change in behavior which favors possible solutions for the important global issues of Sustainable Development, Culture of Peace and Global Humanity. The chapter argues for the potential effects of such innovative education on Cultural enrichment and personal maturation. Formal education, if it is appropriately constituted and instituted, may, over time, be conducive to personal maturation as well as to personal and societal thought-frame enhancement. So-called modern education, however, mainly emphasizes the memorization of the standardized or established Western knowledge, as far as the imitation of the Western educational system by many non-Western societies is concerned. Ones personality may mature through appropriate and holistic enhancement of personal awareness, values, attitudes, behaviors and thought-frame.