chapter  15
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Sound Culture and Sound Creativity

This chapter discusses a functional guideline for the multi-dimensional approach to sustainable development, emphasizing the integral methodology. It emphasizes the necessity of the sound and diverse cultural enrichment for sustainable development. The present functional approaches to sustainable development consist of cultural approach, educational approach, legal approach and systemic approach. Sustainable development, promoted through the worldwide enrichment of diverse cultures that ameliorate the acrimonious market, perhaps, is the last resort left for the re-humanization of human societies. Such re-humanization is particularly important, in view of the on-going market-driven globalization pushing the explosive disparity-animosity spiral to the detriment of a viable human future. Educational approach has a particular relevance to such cultural enrichment, for the most essential and intrinsic function of education in any long-endured society is the reproduction of the own cultures and the sound communal value system.