chapter  16
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Sound Culture and Wisdom Complex

This chapter discusses Sustainable Development in terms the logical and global consequences of Balanced Socioeconomic Development in each society. The stabilizing tendency can provide a consistent influence on the worldwide social cost. The term Holistic Culture Enrichment indicates sound Cultural enrichment. In a nutshell, the theoretical construct of a society's Value Aspect being constantly equated with the Real Aspects offers the basis for the simplified diagram of the Optimal Development Path (OPD). The process of Balanced Socioeconomic Development downward movement on the Optimal Development Path can be interpreted into two positive development phases of the Growth Process and the Maturation Process. The constant human development in each society, as a matter of course, requires a sound Cultural foundation. This is the very reason why the paradigm shift for the perpetual sound enrichment of diverse Cultures across the world is a must for accomplishing Sustainable Development.