chapter  17
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New Enlightenment for Comprehensive Human


The New Enlightenment places a strong emphasis on the freeing of all peoples and societies from the shackles of both the market fundamentalism and the scientific fundamentalism. This chapter elaborates on policy endeavors for Sustainable Development, paying particular attention to the desirability of a unitary global value-added environment tax with the relevant expenditure policy. The term New Enlightenment may mean the evolving quest for a viable human future, freeing all people and societies from the shackles of the modern alter egos and encouraging sound Cultural enrichment and human development for Sustainable Development. The supplementary wheel may become an extra driving force when the message is substantiated by an earnest and trustworthy global fiscal policy. The supplementary wheel may imply the necessity of a supranational organization empowered with the taxation and expenditure. A governance system must be a dynamic and flexible one as well as an organic whole.