chapter  18
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Innovative Education for Diverse Sound Cultures

This chapter focuses on the theoretical difference between the Market practice of human-resource employment with negligible payment for the Culture-oriented contents of labor services and a newly proposed alternative practice of the Culture-enhancing employment with adequate payment. The theoretical approach to a free and competitive market goes back to the publication of The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith in 1776. According to the Market, economic activities are deemed totally dependent upon demand and supply under the assumption of free-market competition. People and communities, even nations, find themselves losing control over their own destinies, ensnared by the revolutionary demands of consumers. Even George Soros, an enigmatic person, in The Crisis of Global Capitalism declares, too: It is market fundamentalism that has rendered the global capitalism unsound and unsustainable. As a step to rectify the prevailing bias toward the crudest Market orientation of short-run nature, the Culture-enhancing and Culture-integrated employment may become indispensable for Sustainable Development.